Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I just found a bug the government planted in my room, They found me! shit! they already found me, i had a faraday cage and all these devices to shield my presence and salt to hide from "ghosts" and they still found me! fuck!
i'm sorry friends but this will be my last post on this blog, you'll have to find info on bigfoot elsewhere but let's just say, look in your backyard.
anyway, seek the truth friends, it's up to you now, if you never hear from me again, you'll know what happened. For now, goodbye, i only pray i can get away in time, now where did i leave my gun...

-Goodbye, Zapruder

fuck... i can smell sulfur...

Monday, June 8, 2009

In summary

for the late initiates or the slow of reading, here is a summary of the truth
  • The devil has been around since the dark ages but it wasn't until NIXON sold his soul to the devil that the devils plans really came to fruition
  • 9/11 was an attack by the devil
  • heaven is in space, somewhere
  • the american government was/is influenced by the devil, they tried to slow the development of interstellar travel as much as possible to stop mankind from reaching god
  • i built a TRUE faraday cage to shield myself from the governments evils rays
  • unexplained characters such as the grinning man or the babushka lady are observers of devils acts
  • TIME TRAVEL exists, the devil may be using it for his own means, perhaps travelling back in time to assassinate mary
  • time travel causes OOPArts
  • EVPS or electronic voice phenomena is an advanced time travel technique, calling people in the past from the future.
  • The government frequently tosses the living and working areas of truth seekers (because theyre evil) so no one place is safe for very long. When they DO search, sometimes demons come with them, leaving behind the smell of sulfur, the government usually tries to mask this with cheap air freshener

thats what you really need to know for now, until i can publish my findings in a more concise and pragmatic form.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Truth

So you want to know the truth?
As i sit here in my metal cage, in my secret room i tell you it. The devil has infiltrated every nook and cranny of this world in hopes of taking it over. It all started with a certain individual named Richard M. Nixon.

When he was vice president, he found himself in league with a kind chap named Lucifer, the devil. I'm not quite sure how he did it, selling his soul, selling OTHER peoples souls? who knows, all i know is that since then, the devil's powers have increased in power.

This is the Helix Nebula aka "THE EYE OF GOD", located in space, realm of heaven.
You might remember a chap named John F. Kennedy. He had a dream, a dream to send a man into space. Sure, this whole space race was because of the cold war but REALLY, it was about something much bigger. You see, space is the domain of the heavens and sending people into space was getting people that much closer to god. You see, there IS life in outer space and uniting all the lives in the universe needs technology. The DEVIL does not want this! It would be the utterly worst thing for the devil so he wanted to stop any developments in the space race. So he did this, he killed JFK. That's right, it was all the devils plans and to make sure of this an observer documented this, little did this observer know, she(?) was herself documented.
You see, in the world of the truth, acts of the devil are observed by certain creatures, all they do it watch and document.

Ofcourse i am talking about the "babushka lady" pictured above. Seen here taking a photograph of JFK at the moment of his death. Interesting?
She was never seen or heard of again, although there have been some that claim to be her, none of them are the real babushka lady. She is an observer, not an old lady.
But why kill JFK? well, Nixon is to blame. The same year an american man lands on the moon, is the same year Nixon takes his presidency. NO COINCIDENCE, HE wanted the glory and he killed for it. Sure, not directly but he set in motion the most significant devil vs god development since the biblical times.
Though the devil doesn't want anyone in space, he allowed NIXON to send his men into space because he already knew he would not be able to win that battle and conceding that defeat would mean he could advance his plans further.
UNDERSTAND this, the first people in space were the RUSSIANS and not the russian i know you are thinking about, the first person into space was infact a WOMAN. she was one of many lost cosmonauts that were erased from history by the russian government. However, they are not to blame for their deaths. The devil killed these people during their space flights.
evidence can be found here: http://www.lostcosmonauts.com/wom.htm
Reading the transcript of the womans flight is harrowing to say the least, listening to it is even worse. However reading/hearing it would reveal she sees flame in her dying moments, some would believe this is merely a result of re-entry. But flame is the tool of the devil.
The devil stopped these people from entering space. The devil knew that this would lead people closer to the heavens. However, he did not forsee the technological advances that would be made because of the space race. After he discovered the fast forwarding of technology, he knew to focus on other facets of the eternal war. Although the devil tried his best to curb this advancement of technology ( ELECTRIC CAR ANYONE?) stopping the advancement of technology is an unwinnable battle.
So the devil uses his man in the power chair (nixon) to further his own gains. Nixon started the horrible american healthcare system, handing power to privately owned HMO's. This would eventually lead to the unnecessary deaths of millions of americans. More bodies for the devil.
After nixon was gone, the devil took advantage of the technology boom he tried to stop. Ofcourse i am talking about TIME TRAVEL, a subject i already talked about below.

But so what? the devils trying to win the eternal war against the heavens, what can i do about it you ask. Simple, be good, MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. The heavens are already trying to defeat the devils forces, they take care of most of the hard stuff whilst us mere humans can only try to seek the truth and make the world a better place for everyone, to try and avert disasters like 9/11 that aid the devil. Help your fellow man.

And somewhere in there, is the truth.
next week i'll present my findings about BIGFOOT and trust me, it'll blow your fucking mind

Friday, May 29, 2009


Ghosts, angels, monsters in the dark, the mothman, heck, all the way back to springheeled jack. Anyone take a guess as to what these things are?

I have many theories, and if you've read the post below, you'll know what they are

lets go to the first and most recent event:

In 1994 a girl named Chelsea Banton was born five weeks premature, everyone thought she'd be dead within days, well she's still alive but is this why...

Two year laters Chelsea was admitted to hospital with severe pneumonia, she was being kept alive by a machine. However, one nurse looked at the monitor which showed the outside of Chelsea's room, this is what she saw

The nurse said it was an angel.

Less than a month later, Chelsea was taken off life support, kipper as ever. She is now 15.

So, Angel? Godly interference? Well yes and no.

My theory is this, This Chelsea girl is of vital importance to the future, for some reason or another. And If the Devil had his way and let her die, the world would be all the worse. However, someone or something from the future sent someone back to revive the ailing girl. Because they travel in time, they would only appear for mere moments and then dissapear after their job is done.

Sounds a little terminator 2 i know, but it's true. Ghosts, Angels, etc any paranormal ethereal being is almost definately a highly advanced time traveller. But are they being sent by the forces of good or evil? who knows.

I believe that there are the good and the evil

good: angels and some ghosts, beings that have travelled through time to prevent a tragedy or make sure one happens.

Then there are the agent of evil

The malicious ones that cause only harm

What about the famous ones you ask? like mothman? well, i'm not sure.

Demonic in appearance, demonic in nature?
The mothman is one of many "Observers" but more on those in a later date.
It does not interfere unless pressing circumstances force it to act but otherwise it stays back and watches, reports.
And what of Springheeled jack? the humanoid figure from the 1800's who is said to wear a strange outfit, can shoot fire and can jump inhuman distances. Hmmm... now what does that sound like to you? OH YEAH. TIME TRAVELLER. im guessing a rogue time traveller who travelled back in time to get his jollys off on the young girls he is said to have terrorised. All the reported items tend to point to new technology, laser beams, jetpacks who knows for sure. But it's all the more evidence. If a rogue got his hands on time travel technology then it must exist.
Now onto ghosts. But are they really ghosts? ofcourse not. They're time travellers i tell you. Perhaps the most advanced of all. They can appear and dissapear within seconds, just like angels and they have multiple forms of communication.
Many devices have been made and utilised to track ghosts, but these all aren't intended for ghosts specifically, they detect electronic anomalies, temperature fluctuations, magnetic fields and many other modern things. Time travel could create these strange readings. Some ghosts i don't believe are full humans that have travelled back in time but rather a mind was sent back in time.
Perhaps to scout?
Every competent truth seeker should know about paranormal voices heard on electronic voice recorders, when you leave a recorder going in a silent room where you believe there could be paranormal activity, upon playback you might hear otherworldy voices. These are EVP's or Electronic Voice Phenomena.
This is the futures way of communicating with us, think about it. The future of communication is through digital waves in the air, mobile phones. So it's only natural that in the future they would attempt to call the past. Thats right, and the voice recorders pick up what theyre trying to say. Now obviously they aren't crystal clear because we don't have the technology to decipher the code but everynow and then we can hear words...words from the future.
listen to some
But what does all this time travel stuff mean!?
i will tell you next week
for now, stay safe

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Time travel may seem like a fabrication of the science fiction but really, its happening, even as we speak. The evidence has been around since early times, OOPArt or Out Of Place Artifacts are objects from the past that are seemingly out of place, anachronistic items.
For example:

This is the "Baghdad Battery", one of three terracotta jars that housed electric currents through relatively modern techniques. Whats most special about these jars is that they predate the invention of the electric cell in 1800 by millenia.

These two objects are the Eiserne Mann (Iron Man) and the Wolfsegg Iron (Salzburg Cube) respectively. Sure they seem like bits of metal, but these objects would not have been able to be made with then modern techniques.

The truth? The Iron mand and the Salzburg cube are objects sent back in time.

Time travel is a rather simple technique when you think about it. Gravity distorts time. The higher the gravity, the slower time passes within that gravitational field. Within the gravitational field, everything on the outside would look like it passes in an instant. If you were to be within an extremely dense gravitational field, time around yourself would flash by whilst time for you would pass by normally until you leave the field. Thereby travelling into the future. The only problem is that you would be crushed by the gravity, but thats simple, all you need is some dark energy or anti gravity.

So if you can so easily travel into the future, it is sensible to assume you can travel into the past. TRUE however, it is far more difficult. One would have to create a wormhole or REVERSE gravity. This is the process that has created these OOPArt's. The Iron man and the cube are what i beleive to be computers or electrical devices, perhaps even parts of a building or time travel device crushed within itself by immense gravity whilst travelling through time.

It explains the existence of these objects. The government scientists had not yet fully worked out the complex equations that govern time travel. Thereby sending these accidents back in time.

Now onto the baghdad battery, i belive the battery is a local mans attempt to recreate a device sent back by the government, one that wasn't crushed. A successful time travel event.

And here's another.
These are rock paintings from 10, 000 BC
Look familiar? These are human subjects sent back in time, wearing some kind of protection suit and using scientific devices. The government has been keeping time travel from us for years.
Why? prepare yourselves because this is a big one.
The government, controlled by the devil is trying to change the course of history for their own gains. One theory is they are trying to kill jesus before he is born to stem the growth of any god worshipping religion.
Who knows, his plans may be grander, i don't pretend to understand the devil, i just try to tell people the truth about him (or them).
watch your back

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a room with a view

My mission to reveal the truth has led me here, a dank dark room in an undisclosed location. There's not a lot here but I can continue my mission and get lots of coffee, don't worry, I made a device to detect any poisons or foreign agents within the coffee so I am safe. I have also, thanks to a friend, gotten myself some serious protection.
I have created by REAL faraday cage which should keep the g-men off my back for at least a short while. Enough time for me to publish some of things people need to know about.

Whilst my research continues, I am finding more and more distressing information. My sources have confirmed most. When a friend of mine returned to my now abandoned home, he reported that everything was tossed and turned, with the distinct smell of sulfur in the air, hastily masked by some sort of air freshener all my salt containers (and trust me i have many) were missing and all my previous research was missing. I have not heard from my dear friend since, I fear the worst.

Things are getting serious, but you, the informed public must know the truth. Prepare yourselves, more reports to come.

Salt is salvation


Sunday, May 10, 2009

more truth to come

mothman, bigfoot, ghosts... umm springheeled jack, the real kennedy assassination, and GOD, just incase the government gets to me before i can publish my reports

stay vigilant


Up Yours G-men

The governments been tracking my movement and activities, i don't know when they'll strike.
Theyre trying to cover up anything abnormal.
I'll tell you why, the government covers up all this evil because THEY ARE EVIL!

I've said it before and i'll say it again, the devils greatest trick was convincing the world he doesnt exist, same thing with the Goverment, except ofcourse, the government isn't as good as the real devil...
or maybe the devil is trying to trick us again, up your g-men, up yours

if you see any men in black, or black men, or black men in black (just kidding) run like hell, or follow them, up to you

men in black are evil government drones, except the movies, theyre hilarious


again, up yours, g-men


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On The Road Again

Crap, i've just spent the last few days on the run from G-men. They found my base of operations and they raided it, thankfully I set an electrical diffuser trap thanks to my friend in jersey.

However, i do fear the government has struck back. They've infected me with a virus, not unlike the poisonings perpertrated by the government on ukrainian agents.

I've contacted by friend who's working on a device to counteract the poison.

More to come


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jersey Devil

Not a kevin smith sequel but a demonic cryptid spotted a countless amount of times in the new jersey area. The jersey devil is a subject of legend and what it actually is still baffles the true believers out there. Is it some secretive creature? or perhaps, is it infact a demon.

The jersey devil is described as well, that up there. A horse headed creature with wings and cloven hooves. Not unlike what the devil itself is meant to look like. Perhaps to investigate a being such as this we need to disect skeptically. Many "scholars" believe the jersey devil sightings amount to little more than darkness mixed with hysteria. Numerous accounts of devil sightings have been shot down and labeled as zealouts overreacting claiming it was actually an owl or this...

A hammerhead bat but I put this to those so called experts, what buisness is a tropical fruit bat doing in new jersey? and I think most people would not mistake a plain old owl for satan. So whats my opinion?

I believe the jersey devil is a corrupted creature from the netherregions of darkness acting as an omen for a greater truth to come.

Devil's messengers. Much like chupacabras (more on them later) The government knows this, deny it all they can, the truth hides from noone. During my trip to the Americas, namely Roswell I was not fortunate enough to personally encounter the jersey devil. However, a friend of mine showed me some astounding evidence

located: http://media.photobucket.com/image/jersey%20devil%20footprints/ReporterJackie/EHTjerseydevil02255.jpg

Devil's footprints.

I've touched on this earlier but it is no mere fact to be glazed over. Signs of a corporeal devil, or jersey devil.

So you tell me, how did hopping mice get onto that roof?


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Grinning Man

I saw him, I saw the grinning man. During my trip to Roswell I stopped by some small towns and spoke to the denizens. My most eventful of trips was to New Jersey, Home of the New Jersey Devil but more on that later.

The Grinning man is the name given to mysterious men who appear usually around the times of UFO sightings, link? The grinning man is often said to be brutal, beating people up. His appearance is that of a bald, grinning face on a sparkling green suit, some reports say he wears even stranger garb with a large black waist belt.

Well that fit the description of the man I saw, I was driving at the time. On a somewhat secluded road, brush on the sides. I was listening to the radio at the time, Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey's Easy Lover. However, before the amazing chorus, the radio cut out, replaced with static. Soon afterwards, I drove past a man standing in the brush, I thought he was hitchhiking so I sped past, you know, hitchhikers=bad news. Anyway, I didn't think much of it at first but as I sped by, I noticed a green glistening so I inspected the rear view mirror. I saw the man from behind, he was bald and over 6 feet tall, wearing a sparkling green jacket, the rest was obscured by the brush.

When I arrived in town I was told by some locals I'd just missed a UFO. Many confirmed reports. This was no coincidence and things just get weirder let me tell you that.
More to come.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just got back from Roswell, the things I saw, the things I heard, I don't know where to begin... Well firstly, thanks to designs from an unidentified friend of mine, I was able to build a TRUE faraday cage to shield from any outside electrical interference and well, everything is electrical nowadays right?

Also was able to obtain designs for various devices for communication with other worldly beings, a neutrino field emitter, a proton disrupter array and a low dispersion carbon atomizer. The specifics I won't go in to due to sensitive information, which thanks to my new faraday cage, won't be able to be stolen

So what's a faraday cage? well due to a hand injury obtained during my trip to roswell I grow weary of typing wiki it or something, but don't be fooled, a faraday cage such as this one:


yes this, something as basic as this would be easily succeptible to government super grabber technology. If you wan't the true faraday cage designs, email my friend at
$#-2--*/*#-1---+//%z6x#%@!+:~~@7 decipher that, g men!

more soon

-a very tired zapruder

Monday, April 13, 2009


Knock Knock
Who's There?
Interupting Cow
Interupting C-

Poured out rectum, bottom lip and reproductive organs removed, eyes bulging, and no blood was spilled.

What am i talking about? The beyond surgical mutilations of cattle in the american south west.

Sightings of flying saucers abound.

Most believe these were signs of Aliens harvesting organs and/or performing scientific tests on cattle. Others say these were results of monsters/cryptids such as el Chupacabra or the Mothman.

Others believe these were not performed by Aliens, but by the Government, sightings of Black Helicopters as common as UFO's.

If you don't know (and thanks to the government, you probably don't), Black Helicopters are said to be covert transport for MIB, Men In Black.

Why? who knows. The Governments into some shady shit.

Abductions aren't solitarily regulated to cattle. Humans are abducted too. Travis Walton was abducted in 1978 and nobody believes him. First contact?

No, back in the 1950's "contactees" believed themselves to be visited by Aliens and campaigned for disarmament, sure, it sounds like the plot of "The Day The Earth Stood Still" but that's just more Government sponsored Hollywood mis information propaganda. It's all one big lie. THAT'S the truth. Everything is a lie.
Believe what you want to believe.


Foo fighters

Not the popular hard rock band, no i'm talking about strange lights seen in WWII. Aliens? Nazi superweapons? what do you think?

Secret government files reveal Nazi's inventing something called "The Bell", an alleged anti gravity aeroship. Linked to mysterious Nazi construct known as "The Fly Trap" pictured below
This "Bell" was recovered by the US government and soon after, the famous event that never happened, Roswell occured.
So what? Nazi's or Aliens, do they have to be mutually exclusive? Perhaps Nazi's were Aliens. Would explain why skin heads are bald. Or perhaps, it's all related to demons DEMONS.
You make up your mind.
More to come,
I must leave for Roswell, be back soon - Hopefully

Sunday, April 12, 2009

They're on to me

Crap, within minutes of creating this new blog (my other ones were closed down) an unmarked black suv with tinted windows appeared outside my apartment. They're on to me, I've got to watch my back.


The Devil

Don't be fooled by the religious zealots and atheists alike. The Devil is very real and he walks among us.

But who or what is the Devil? Why do i capitalise his "D" ? well he may or may not be the lucifer of legends but regardless, he is evil and there is proof.

The devils footprints, Devil sightings and faces in fire. Those out there, especially the government would want you to think there are all machinations of disturbed minds but i assure you, the governments greatest weapon is not the nuclear bomb, but doubt.

Don't let yourself be fooled!
Here's an example of early cover-ups. The Devil was once corporeal and those with the power even then knew to conceal the truth, but why? Are these coverup artists agents of the devil himself? They always said that the Devils greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist. So are those who deny his existence the Devil's men? You decide

What do you see?

Photos gathered from other truth seekers at http://www.greatdreams.com/
These photos are from the horrible tragedy that was the September 11 attacks, 9/11, 911, the emergency number of the USA, coincidence?
These ghostly images from the smoke seem to show faces... ghastly faces, grinning faces. Demons? The Devil?
Who else could be behind such a horrific event? Sure, those terrorists took the blame for the attacks but what drove them to such an act?
Some theorise that this is the devils own doing, others say events such as this give the devil strength... sometimes, I don't even want to know.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Truth

Do you want to know the truth?
Well either way, you need to know the truth and I will show you it
Just pay attention