Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a room with a view

My mission to reveal the truth has led me here, a dank dark room in an undisclosed location. There's not a lot here but I can continue my mission and get lots of coffee, don't worry, I made a device to detect any poisons or foreign agents within the coffee so I am safe. I have also, thanks to a friend, gotten myself some serious protection.
I have created by REAL faraday cage which should keep the g-men off my back for at least a short while. Enough time for me to publish some of things people need to know about.

Whilst my research continues, I am finding more and more distressing information. My sources have confirmed most. When a friend of mine returned to my now abandoned home, he reported that everything was tossed and turned, with the distinct smell of sulfur in the air, hastily masked by some sort of air freshener all my salt containers (and trust me i have many) were missing and all my previous research was missing. I have not heard from my dear friend since, I fear the worst.

Things are getting serious, but you, the informed public must know the truth. Prepare yourselves, more reports to come.

Salt is salvation


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