Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jersey Devil

Not a kevin smith sequel but a demonic cryptid spotted a countless amount of times in the new jersey area. The jersey devil is a subject of legend and what it actually is still baffles the true believers out there. Is it some secretive creature? or perhaps, is it infact a demon.

The jersey devil is described as well, that up there. A horse headed creature with wings and cloven hooves. Not unlike what the devil itself is meant to look like. Perhaps to investigate a being such as this we need to disect skeptically. Many "scholars" believe the jersey devil sightings amount to little more than darkness mixed with hysteria. Numerous accounts of devil sightings have been shot down and labeled as zealouts overreacting claiming it was actually an owl or this...

A hammerhead bat but I put this to those so called experts, what buisness is a tropical fruit bat doing in new jersey? and I think most people would not mistake a plain old owl for satan. So whats my opinion?

I believe the jersey devil is a corrupted creature from the netherregions of darkness acting as an omen for a greater truth to come.

Devil's messengers. Much like chupacabras (more on them later) The government knows this, deny it all they can, the truth hides from noone. During my trip to the Americas, namely Roswell I was not fortunate enough to personally encounter the jersey devil. However, a friend of mine showed me some astounding evidence


Devil's footprints.

I've touched on this earlier but it is no mere fact to be glazed over. Signs of a corporeal devil, or jersey devil.

So you tell me, how did hopping mice get onto that roof?


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Grinning Man

I saw him, I saw the grinning man. During my trip to Roswell I stopped by some small towns and spoke to the denizens. My most eventful of trips was to New Jersey, Home of the New Jersey Devil but more on that later.

The Grinning man is the name given to mysterious men who appear usually around the times of UFO sightings, link? The grinning man is often said to be brutal, beating people up. His appearance is that of a bald, grinning face on a sparkling green suit, some reports say he wears even stranger garb with a large black waist belt.

Well that fit the description of the man I saw, I was driving at the time. On a somewhat secluded road, brush on the sides. I was listening to the radio at the time, Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey's Easy Lover. However, before the amazing chorus, the radio cut out, replaced with static. Soon afterwards, I drove past a man standing in the brush, I thought he was hitchhiking so I sped past, you know, hitchhikers=bad news. Anyway, I didn't think much of it at first but as I sped by, I noticed a green glistening so I inspected the rear view mirror. I saw the man from behind, he was bald and over 6 feet tall, wearing a sparkling green jacket, the rest was obscured by the brush.

When I arrived in town I was told by some locals I'd just missed a UFO. Many confirmed reports. This was no coincidence and things just get weirder let me tell you that.
More to come.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just got back from Roswell, the things I saw, the things I heard, I don't know where to begin... Well firstly, thanks to designs from an unidentified friend of mine, I was able to build a TRUE faraday cage to shield from any outside electrical interference and well, everything is electrical nowadays right?

Also was able to obtain designs for various devices for communication with other worldly beings, a neutrino field emitter, a proton disrupter array and a low dispersion carbon atomizer. The specifics I won't go in to due to sensitive information, which thanks to my new faraday cage, won't be able to be stolen

So what's a faraday cage? well due to a hand injury obtained during my trip to roswell I grow weary of typing wiki it or something, but don't be fooled, a faraday cage such as this one:

yes this, something as basic as this would be easily succeptible to government super grabber technology. If you wan't the true faraday cage designs, email my friend at
$#-2--*/*#-1---+//%z6x#%@!+:~~@7 decipher that, g men!

more soon

-a very tired zapruder

Monday, April 13, 2009


Knock Knock
Who's There?
Interupting Cow
Interupting C-

Poured out rectum, bottom lip and reproductive organs removed, eyes bulging, and no blood was spilled.

What am i talking about? The beyond surgical mutilations of cattle in the american south west.

Sightings of flying saucers abound.

Most believe these were signs of Aliens harvesting organs and/or performing scientific tests on cattle. Others say these were results of monsters/cryptids such as el Chupacabra or the Mothman.

Others believe these were not performed by Aliens, but by the Government, sightings of Black Helicopters as common as UFO's.

If you don't know (and thanks to the government, you probably don't), Black Helicopters are said to be covert transport for MIB, Men In Black.

Why? who knows. The Governments into some shady shit.

Abductions aren't solitarily regulated to cattle. Humans are abducted too. Travis Walton was abducted in 1978 and nobody believes him. First contact?

No, back in the 1950's "contactees" believed themselves to be visited by Aliens and campaigned for disarmament, sure, it sounds like the plot of "The Day The Earth Stood Still" but that's just more Government sponsored Hollywood mis information propaganda. It's all one big lie. THAT'S the truth. Everything is a lie.
Believe what you want to believe.


Foo fighters

Not the popular hard rock band, no i'm talking about strange lights seen in WWII. Aliens? Nazi superweapons? what do you think?

Secret government files reveal Nazi's inventing something called "The Bell", an alleged anti gravity aeroship. Linked to mysterious Nazi construct known as "The Fly Trap" pictured below
This "Bell" was recovered by the US government and soon after, the famous event that never happened, Roswell occured.
So what? Nazi's or Aliens, do they have to be mutually exclusive? Perhaps Nazi's were Aliens. Would explain why skin heads are bald. Or perhaps, it's all related to demons DEMONS.
You make up your mind.
More to come,
I must leave for Roswell, be back soon - Hopefully

Sunday, April 12, 2009

They're on to me

Crap, within minutes of creating this new blog (my other ones were closed down) an unmarked black suv with tinted windows appeared outside my apartment. They're on to me, I've got to watch my back.


The Devil

Don't be fooled by the religious zealots and atheists alike. The Devil is very real and he walks among us.

But who or what is the Devil? Why do i capitalise his "D" ? well he may or may not be the lucifer of legends but regardless, he is evil and there is proof.

The devils footprints, Devil sightings and faces in fire. Those out there, especially the government would want you to think there are all machinations of disturbed minds but i assure you, the governments greatest weapon is not the nuclear bomb, but doubt.

Don't let yourself be fooled!
Here's an example of early cover-ups. The Devil was once corporeal and those with the power even then knew to conceal the truth, but why? Are these coverup artists agents of the devil himself? They always said that the Devils greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist. So are those who deny his existence the Devil's men? You decide

What do you see?

Photos gathered from other truth seekers at
These photos are from the horrible tragedy that was the September 11 attacks, 9/11, 911, the emergency number of the USA, coincidence?
These ghostly images from the smoke seem to show faces... ghastly faces, grinning faces. Demons? The Devil?
Who else could be behind such a horrific event? Sure, those terrorists took the blame for the attacks but what drove them to such an act?
Some theorise that this is the devils own doing, others say events such as this give the devil strength... sometimes, I don't even want to know.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Truth

Do you want to know the truth?
Well either way, you need to know the truth and I will show you it
Just pay attention