Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jersey Devil

Not a kevin smith sequel but a demonic cryptid spotted a countless amount of times in the new jersey area. The jersey devil is a subject of legend and what it actually is still baffles the true believers out there. Is it some secretive creature? or perhaps, is it infact a demon.

The jersey devil is described as well, that up there. A horse headed creature with wings and cloven hooves. Not unlike what the devil itself is meant to look like. Perhaps to investigate a being such as this we need to disect skeptically. Many "scholars" believe the jersey devil sightings amount to little more than darkness mixed with hysteria. Numerous accounts of devil sightings have been shot down and labeled as zealouts overreacting claiming it was actually an owl or this...

A hammerhead bat but I put this to those so called experts, what buisness is a tropical fruit bat doing in new jersey? and I think most people would not mistake a plain old owl for satan. So whats my opinion?

I believe the jersey devil is a corrupted creature from the netherregions of darkness acting as an omen for a greater truth to come.

Devil's messengers. Much like chupacabras (more on them later) The government knows this, deny it all they can, the truth hides from noone. During my trip to the Americas, namely Roswell I was not fortunate enough to personally encounter the jersey devil. However, a friend of mine showed me some astounding evidence


Devil's footprints.

I've touched on this earlier but it is no mere fact to be glazed over. Signs of a corporeal devil, or jersey devil.

So you tell me, how did hopping mice get onto that roof?


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