Friday, May 29, 2009


Ghosts, angels, monsters in the dark, the mothman, heck, all the way back to springheeled jack. Anyone take a guess as to what these things are?

I have many theories, and if you've read the post below, you'll know what they are

lets go to the first and most recent event:

In 1994 a girl named Chelsea Banton was born five weeks premature, everyone thought she'd be dead within days, well she's still alive but is this why...

Two year laters Chelsea was admitted to hospital with severe pneumonia, she was being kept alive by a machine. However, one nurse looked at the monitor which showed the outside of Chelsea's room, this is what she saw

The nurse said it was an angel.

Less than a month later, Chelsea was taken off life support, kipper as ever. She is now 15.

So, Angel? Godly interference? Well yes and no.

My theory is this, This Chelsea girl is of vital importance to the future, for some reason or another. And If the Devil had his way and let her die, the world would be all the worse. However, someone or something from the future sent someone back to revive the ailing girl. Because they travel in time, they would only appear for mere moments and then dissapear after their job is done.

Sounds a little terminator 2 i know, but it's true. Ghosts, Angels, etc any paranormal ethereal being is almost definately a highly advanced time traveller. But are they being sent by the forces of good or evil? who knows.

I believe that there are the good and the evil

good: angels and some ghosts, beings that have travelled through time to prevent a tragedy or make sure one happens.

Then there are the agent of evil

The malicious ones that cause only harm

What about the famous ones you ask? like mothman? well, i'm not sure.

Demonic in appearance, demonic in nature?
The mothman is one of many "Observers" but more on those in a later date.
It does not interfere unless pressing circumstances force it to act but otherwise it stays back and watches, reports.
And what of Springheeled jack? the humanoid figure from the 1800's who is said to wear a strange outfit, can shoot fire and can jump inhuman distances. Hmmm... now what does that sound like to you? OH YEAH. TIME TRAVELLER. im guessing a rogue time traveller who travelled back in time to get his jollys off on the young girls he is said to have terrorised. All the reported items tend to point to new technology, laser beams, jetpacks who knows for sure. But it's all the more evidence. If a rogue got his hands on time travel technology then it must exist.
Now onto ghosts. But are they really ghosts? ofcourse not. They're time travellers i tell you. Perhaps the most advanced of all. They can appear and dissapear within seconds, just like angels and they have multiple forms of communication.
Many devices have been made and utilised to track ghosts, but these all aren't intended for ghosts specifically, they detect electronic anomalies, temperature fluctuations, magnetic fields and many other modern things. Time travel could create these strange readings. Some ghosts i don't believe are full humans that have travelled back in time but rather a mind was sent back in time.
Perhaps to scout?
Every competent truth seeker should know about paranormal voices heard on electronic voice recorders, when you leave a recorder going in a silent room where you believe there could be paranormal activity, upon playback you might hear otherworldy voices. These are EVP's or Electronic Voice Phenomena.
This is the futures way of communicating with us, think about it. The future of communication is through digital waves in the air, mobile phones. So it's only natural that in the future they would attempt to call the past. Thats right, and the voice recorders pick up what theyre trying to say. Now obviously they aren't crystal clear because we don't have the technology to decipher the code but everynow and then we can hear words...words from the future.
listen to some
But what does all this time travel stuff mean!?
i will tell you next week
for now, stay safe

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