Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just got back from Roswell, the things I saw, the things I heard, I don't know where to begin... Well firstly, thanks to designs from an unidentified friend of mine, I was able to build a TRUE faraday cage to shield from any outside electrical interference and well, everything is electrical nowadays right?

Also was able to obtain designs for various devices for communication with other worldly beings, a neutrino field emitter, a proton disrupter array and a low dispersion carbon atomizer. The specifics I won't go in to due to sensitive information, which thanks to my new faraday cage, won't be able to be stolen

So what's a faraday cage? well due to a hand injury obtained during my trip to roswell I grow weary of typing wiki it or something, but don't be fooled, a faraday cage such as this one:

yes this, something as basic as this would be easily succeptible to government super grabber technology. If you wan't the true faraday cage designs, email my friend at
$#-2--*/*#-1---+//%z6x#%@!+:~~@7 decipher that, g men!

more soon

-a very tired zapruder

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