Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I just found a bug the government planted in my room, They found me! shit! they already found me, i had a faraday cage and all these devices to shield my presence and salt to hide from "ghosts" and they still found me! fuck!
i'm sorry friends but this will be my last post on this blog, you'll have to find info on bigfoot elsewhere but let's just say, look in your backyard.
anyway, seek the truth friends, it's up to you now, if you never hear from me again, you'll know what happened. For now, goodbye, i only pray i can get away in time, now where did i leave my gun...

-Goodbye, Zapruder

fuck... i can smell sulfur...

Monday, June 8, 2009

In summary

for the late initiates or the slow of reading, here is a summary of the truth
  • The devil has been around since the dark ages but it wasn't until NIXON sold his soul to the devil that the devils plans really came to fruition
  • 9/11 was an attack by the devil
  • heaven is in space, somewhere
  • the american government was/is influenced by the devil, they tried to slow the development of interstellar travel as much as possible to stop mankind from reaching god
  • i built a TRUE faraday cage to shield myself from the governments evils rays
  • unexplained characters such as the grinning man or the babushka lady are observers of devils acts
  • TIME TRAVEL exists, the devil may be using it for his own means, perhaps travelling back in time to assassinate mary
  • time travel causes OOPArts
  • EVPS or electronic voice phenomena is an advanced time travel technique, calling people in the past from the future.
  • The government frequently tosses the living and working areas of truth seekers (because theyre evil) so no one place is safe for very long. When they DO search, sometimes demons come with them, leaving behind the smell of sulfur, the government usually tries to mask this with cheap air freshener

thats what you really need to know for now, until i can publish my findings in a more concise and pragmatic form.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Truth

So you want to know the truth?
As i sit here in my metal cage, in my secret room i tell you it. The devil has infiltrated every nook and cranny of this world in hopes of taking it over. It all started with a certain individual named Richard M. Nixon.

When he was vice president, he found himself in league with a kind chap named Lucifer, the devil. I'm not quite sure how he did it, selling his soul, selling OTHER peoples souls? who knows, all i know is that since then, the devil's powers have increased in power.

This is the Helix Nebula aka "THE EYE OF GOD", located in space, realm of heaven.
You might remember a chap named John F. Kennedy. He had a dream, a dream to send a man into space. Sure, this whole space race was because of the cold war but REALLY, it was about something much bigger. You see, space is the domain of the heavens and sending people into space was getting people that much closer to god. You see, there IS life in outer space and uniting all the lives in the universe needs technology. The DEVIL does not want this! It would be the utterly worst thing for the devil so he wanted to stop any developments in the space race. So he did this, he killed JFK. That's right, it was all the devils plans and to make sure of this an observer documented this, little did this observer know, she(?) was herself documented.
You see, in the world of the truth, acts of the devil are observed by certain creatures, all they do it watch and document.

Ofcourse i am talking about the "babushka lady" pictured above. Seen here taking a photograph of JFK at the moment of his death. Interesting?
She was never seen or heard of again, although there have been some that claim to be her, none of them are the real babushka lady. She is an observer, not an old lady.
But why kill JFK? well, Nixon is to blame. The same year an american man lands on the moon, is the same year Nixon takes his presidency. NO COINCIDENCE, HE wanted the glory and he killed for it. Sure, not directly but he set in motion the most significant devil vs god development since the biblical times.
Though the devil doesn't want anyone in space, he allowed NIXON to send his men into space because he already knew he would not be able to win that battle and conceding that defeat would mean he could advance his plans further.
UNDERSTAND this, the first people in space were the RUSSIANS and not the russian i know you are thinking about, the first person into space was infact a WOMAN. she was one of many lost cosmonauts that were erased from history by the russian government. However, they are not to blame for their deaths. The devil killed these people during their space flights.
evidence can be found here: http://www.lostcosmonauts.com/wom.htm
Reading the transcript of the womans flight is harrowing to say the least, listening to it is even worse. However reading/hearing it would reveal she sees flame in her dying moments, some would believe this is merely a result of re-entry. But flame is the tool of the devil.
The devil stopped these people from entering space. The devil knew that this would lead people closer to the heavens. However, he did not forsee the technological advances that would be made because of the space race. After he discovered the fast forwarding of technology, he knew to focus on other facets of the eternal war. Although the devil tried his best to curb this advancement of technology ( ELECTRIC CAR ANYONE?) stopping the advancement of technology is an unwinnable battle.
So the devil uses his man in the power chair (nixon) to further his own gains. Nixon started the horrible american healthcare system, handing power to privately owned HMO's. This would eventually lead to the unnecessary deaths of millions of americans. More bodies for the devil.
After nixon was gone, the devil took advantage of the technology boom he tried to stop. Ofcourse i am talking about TIME TRAVEL, a subject i already talked about below.

But so what? the devils trying to win the eternal war against the heavens, what can i do about it you ask. Simple, be good, MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. The heavens are already trying to defeat the devils forces, they take care of most of the hard stuff whilst us mere humans can only try to seek the truth and make the world a better place for everyone, to try and avert disasters like 9/11 that aid the devil. Help your fellow man.

And somewhere in there, is the truth.
next week i'll present my findings about BIGFOOT and trust me, it'll blow your fucking mind