Monday, June 8, 2009

In summary

for the late initiates or the slow of reading, here is a summary of the truth
  • The devil has been around since the dark ages but it wasn't until NIXON sold his soul to the devil that the devils plans really came to fruition
  • 9/11 was an attack by the devil
  • heaven is in space, somewhere
  • the american government was/is influenced by the devil, they tried to slow the development of interstellar travel as much as possible to stop mankind from reaching god
  • i built a TRUE faraday cage to shield myself from the governments evils rays
  • unexplained characters such as the grinning man or the babushka lady are observers of devils acts
  • TIME TRAVEL exists, the devil may be using it for his own means, perhaps travelling back in time to assassinate mary
  • time travel causes OOPArts
  • EVPS or electronic voice phenomena is an advanced time travel technique, calling people in the past from the future.
  • The government frequently tosses the living and working areas of truth seekers (because theyre evil) so no one place is safe for very long. When they DO search, sometimes demons come with them, leaving behind the smell of sulfur, the government usually tries to mask this with cheap air freshener

thats what you really need to know for now, until i can publish my findings in a more concise and pragmatic form.


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